yarnalong_gsheller_grayIt's Yarn Along again. Time to see what knitters are knitting and reading all around the interwebs. It's a great way to find new knitting blogs and get people to find yours too!! Click here to read all of our old yarn along posts. We've been doing this a while and you can see our progress on our knitting for almost the past year!


This week it's all about the Chinook Book which is our local coupon book with an ecological bent. If you like Whole Foods and natural grocery stores, this is the coupon book for you. Sales benefit my kid's preschool. These days I'm trying to figure out which coupons to use. I've been reading other books, but I can't find them anywhere to photograph and if I did I'm pretty sure that one of the boys absconded with the dust jacket.

As you can see I'm almost done with the second sock on on the second set of holiday socks. Pretty soon I'll get to wind another skein of sock yarn. :)

I think I was right about the hat. It's slightly too small, but still wearable. It's still full of mistakes but I'm going to let you in on a little secret:

they are only mistakes that a knitter would find. The hat still looks like a hat so I still consider it a success. I'm going to knit the bill for it anyway and see where it goes. I might show it to a knitting friend to see if they can find the mistakes and if not I might save this little hat for my son's preschool auction.

Maybe you can help. Here's the hat so far:


What do you think?

Another photo for you to consider. Is this hat too small?



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