As I mentioned this morning we're experiencing a little downturn in our knitting. Everything I'm making is either green or brown or giving me a headache. I thought I'd find out who else is experiencing a little bit of the Knitting Doldums (well at least it's not swine flu):

Doulicia was afflicted last summer.

So was Knithropology.

Knitter Natter was so afflicted that she had to turn to... gasp... quilting!

AZ Knitter had problems despite a stash of fabulous yarns. She attributes it to a dislike of everything she's knitting.

LJL Spins suggests organizing as a means to escape the knitting doldrums.

Barbara Heinrich suggests some books to help you out of the doldrums.

Wise Needle is in the same boat as me.

Type K recommends hot pink mohair. Pardon me while go dig mine out.


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