• Jon Snow Knitting Patterns

    jonsnowknittingpatternIn honor of Game of Thrones we're featuring some Jon Snow inspired knitting patterns. No spoilers here. We're not telling you why Jon Snow in particular and if you don't know you'd better watch or finish reading Game of Thrones soon so you don't get spoiled by someone who isn't as kind about spoilers ;)

    If you are a lover of that man who knows nothing, Jon Snow and you're also a knitter you might want to check out these awesome Jon Snow knitting patterns. You might never get to meet Jon Snow in person, but you could knit something Jon Snow inspired for your significant other ;) 

    Unfortunately Game of Thrones has not yet reached the fever pitch of knitting pattern popularity that Dr Who has achieved so that Game of Thrones knitting pattern collections leave something to be desired. 

    The Jon Snow Knitted Doll Pattern by NerdKnitting

    You can knit your very own Jon Snow doll, you know to keep around the house and scare away ice wights, and or to clutch while you're reading The Winds of Winter, whenever that gets published. Nerd Knitting has designed Game of Thrones dolls for practically the whole cast which is cool if you ever want to re-enact the series in yarn, which could be a very fun youtube channel if anyone felt so inclined.



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