• Knitting Purple


    There it is in all of its rainbow glory, though still with all of its strings attached. Fitting that I should be knitting the purple the week Prince died. 

    Just like so many of the musicians who died this year I respected the music as sounds that pervaded my childhood. I was by no means a major fan, but it still smarts to see talent fade. Also this week was the epic Game of Thrones episode. Strange thing about Game of Thrones season. I spend all week wondering what's going to happen on the next episode and only end up content for the 60 minutes that an episode is on. In some ways I might be anxious for Game of Thrones until the blasted series is over and then I'll be sad that it's over. I guess I should enjoy this kind of anxiety. It is just a story afterall. Oh how human beings love to have their minds occupied.

    Anyhoo, the ends on this thing ARE woven in now, but I want to take a picture of the finished blanket on the chair where it belongs, and alas I need to clean my room. I'll get to that later this week. 

    Guess I should start finding myself something new to knit. I think I might not be done with this chenille phase, but I might have to bust out some Muench Touch Me and knit the cabled scarf from Scarf Style. I've only been wanting to knit that for 10 years. Perhaps it's time to stop procrastinating. This yarn is not widely available anymore. In some ways it feels like I'm stuck in 2005 yarn-wise. I still wish that there was a yarn shop where I could knit and get all the juicy yarn gossip, but I'm happy enough with my small group of knitters. 

    What are you up to anyway?

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  • Knitting Rainbows

     I went through a bit of a rainbow phase when I was five years old.


     I guess I never quite grew out of it.


    The blanket is actually done, but the photos of the finished object aren't, so for now you can see continued progress. We're up to lavender in these photos, a long timer favorite color of mine, dating all the way back to kindergarten when I got a lavender crown to my birthday in the classroom. 

    We're only a few weeks away from summer vacation, which I'm looking forward to even if I have few childcare plans for my children the whole summer through. No summer camps. At $300-$400 a week forget it. I'd rather get to hang out with them myself. It's the last summer before both of them are elementary school students. I'd best enjoy it. 

    What are you up to?

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