I got tagged by Ally and Woozle

1 – HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND KNITTING? Not enough time knitting. I'd say 1-2 hours a day on average. It is one of my favorite activities

2 – WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE YARN AND WHY ? I love Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. It's my favorite yarn and always will be. Love it in dishcloths, washcloths, baby blankets and even aprons.

3 – WHAT SIZE OF NEEDLES DO YOU MOST OFTEN KNIT WITH? Typically sizes US 6,7,8 and 9. Size #2 sock needles for socks.

4 – HOW BIG IS YOUR STASH RIGHT NOW? Too big. It is difficult for me to feel good about buying yarn, especially with two small children, debt, and the fact that I live with my mother in law. 

5 – WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE YARN BRAND AND WHY? Tough, tough tough... Jo Sharp, though it's difficult to get here in the US. 

6 – WHAT DO YOU PREFER : CIRCULAR NEEDLES OR STRAIGHT ONES? Circular are much more practical, but every now and then I do love a nice pair of straight needles, preferably bamboo.


8 – WHAT YARN-RELATED SKILL WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN? ( CROCHET, WEAVING, SPINNING ) Sometimes I like to pretend that I have the time to spin my own yarn, or to dye it, but then I remember that I also love to make jam. 

9 – WHICH IS WORST : A THREAD OF YARN THAT SPLITS OR REALIZING THAT YOU MADE A MISTAKE AFTER 20 ROWS? 20 rows. Splitting yarn is fixed in an instant, but ticking back 20 rows feels like a step backwards.

10 – WHICH YARN ARE YOU KNITTING WITH NOW? Skeino Harlequin, Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, Goddess Yarns Ellen, and some Lana Grossa Meilenweitt.

11 – WHICH BRAND OF YARN WOULD YOU LIKE TO TEST? Any and all the yarn. 

12 – WHAT IS YOUR FEELING ABOUT KNITTING? It makes me happier to have a knitting project on the needles. 

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