raininginjulyI am taking a stand. 

I need a circle of crafty people around me to commiserate with at least once a week. They need not all be knitters. 

I am sad that none of my local yarn shops have a knitting night that I want to attend. Most of them are 20+ minutes away and end up full by the time I get there. I wish there was one walking distance. I wish I had the patience to open my own yarn shop, but I have neither the funds nor the desire to work weekends. I wish that Purlescense or Nine Rubies was closer to me. Or Verb. But they're not. 

I did just get the heads up that my local recrafting shop has a nice crafts night on Wednesdays. I might just have to go check that out. 

I had the best craft night when I lived in Marin. I still miss it and the other knitters I met with on a weekly basis. It's pretty much the only part of my life that I miss from my first marriage. Well that and the connection to Australia and all the nice folks I met there. Sigh. Life happens. Shit happens. Blearg.


Maybe my old pal Warren still has a knitting group that meets in Marin on Saturdays. I might want to go check that out. Also I may want to go to Stitches and TNNA this year. Knit Luck might actually have a budget for that stuff next year!!!

Adding to my knitting group nostalgia is some unusual summer rains drifting through the bay area. It has me wishing it was already October and wondering if I should try to finish a cardigan by the end of summer... so you know... to look like a knitting magazine... in October. As hard as that is to do in California.

I still have the socks to keep me busy, but I might just bring that purple cardigan from months ago with me on my trip to Texas. I really want to have a massive finished object in the next month of two. You know because I have nothing better to do. (Not).

What are you wanted to knit right now? How's your knitting group?

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