There is one question that none of the baby books answers and it's an important question for committed knitters: How soon will I be able to knit after the baby's born?

Go figure, during pregnancy you're probably too tired to knit anyway and eager to get back into it once you get settled with the baby.

Here's my experience with post-baby knitting so far:

If you've got breasfeeding down, it is possible to knit socks and breastfeed
Do your best to knit without moving your arms much and baby will be able to feed or sleep in your lap while you turn the heel.

Keep the projects simple: if you're going to do any knitting, it's going to be of the simple variety
Forget complicated lace, put away the aran cable; stockinette is your friend.

If you can't knit, read about knitting
Let's face it, you're going to be preoccupied with a munchkin for a while and coping with how to handle that. And you'll be too tired to knit. It's going to be stressful and you're going to need an outlet. The one that worked best for me was a pile of my favorite knitting magazines and a bath

Take pleasure in your finished handknits
Possibly you've spent a lot of time during your pregnancy knitting beautiful things for your child. Enjoy seeing these knits finally in-action.

Get someone else to knit for you
If you absolutely want it knitted and need it now, get a beloved family member or friend to knit it for you. You can still experience some of the best parts of the knitting process: buying the yarn, choosing the pattern but without all of the work. Some people love the opportunity to knit when someone else is paying the yarn bill.

In the meantime, check out some of these mommy-friendly baby knitting books:
Simple Knits for Cherished Babies, by Erika Knight
Simply Baby, by Debbie Bliss
Itty Bitty Hats, by Susan B Anderson
Knitting Baby Head and Toes, by Gwen Steege

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