The color of my hair for the last four months. The color of my favorite knitting project. Probably the best way to describe my attitude of late. 





Everything is ok. We're living somewhere nice. The boys are healthy. I get to see my husband all the time. We have very supportive family. By all measures we are grateful and aware of our good fortune in difficult times, but my attitude remains crappy no matter how hard I try. Part of it is that circumstances over the past year have trained my brain to expect the worse, to be disappointed when exciting plans crumble, to look at the dark side when presented with any opportunity, to convince myself to stop trying. I've tried to bust out of this train of thought, but it's hard to do things when you just don't feel like doing them. The blog has been something I haven't felt like writing despite great joy just six months ago. I have the feeling that if I just get back into the habit then I'll feel like writing again and then I'll keep writing, adding articles as I like to do. But first, I just have to start.

Thanks for your patience dear readers.

The above is the Textured Shawl, which continues despite losing track of my place in the pattern multiple times. I'm almost done doing the front of the Dahlia Cardigan, after which I'll have to start the sleeves. 

There is something I've dared to plan that gives me hope for the future. My husband and I haven't had a vacation since 2010 so we've planned something simple and local and fun and without children. It's not until August, but it's something to look forward to. 

Thanks for listening.

xoxoxo Knit Luck


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